Coca (Catalan bread)

Coca (Catalan bread) with tomato & virgin olive oil

Spinach, walnut & raisin croquette

Courgette carpaccio, smoked salmon & passion fruit vinaigrette

Grilled octopus causa & homemade chimichurri

Asparagus, licorice & iberic ham panna cotta

Green tomato, marinated in fennel, & tuna belly salad

Roasted sweet & sour aubergine, capers & smoked herring salad

Ceviche classic, tiger milk & orange confit sweet potato

Ceviche “La Singular” with raspberries & tiger milk

Tuna tartar, watermelon & basil with creamy avocado

Marinated mackerel, melon ‘ajoblanco’ (garlic soup), confit tomato & samphire

Homemade sweet potato gnocchi, sobrasada, honey & goat’s cheese sauce

Brandade (creamed salted cod) lasagne, apricot mousseline gratin

Duck confit and roasted pumpkin cannelloni, saffron sauce

Tacos with  slow-roasted pork, marinated onion & toasted corn

Pig’s trotter & prawn carpaccio, porcini & rosemary alioli

“The Singular chicken” (Orange pickled chicken thighs, pea & spices


‘Secreto ibèrico’ (hidden pork), breadcrumbs, ‘salmorejo & chili                      

Veal tataki, smoked aubergines with miso, tomato & basil confit

Breast of duck (magret), passion fruit sauce, banana, pistachio

Roast lamb, sautéed vegetables & mint sauce

Grilled baby squid & quinoa with green pepper, chili & rosemary chutney

Bacalao (salted cod), creamy white beans, roasted onion

& chocolate threads